A Beautiful Start

What a glorious day. Clear sky, slight breeze, no humidity, and perfect temps. The only thing that might have made it better would have to been sailing on the Hudson, or hiking the top of a mountain.

A trip to the local farmers market, a purchase of a piece of sculpture for my garden. Some time in the studio. Sitting in the sun with a drink and my headphones on actually doing NOTHING while Alanna was napping. A party with cool people.

I felt blessed. My mind and my soul were quiet for once, and I rejoiced in the beauty of the day. I reflected on feeling love in the most general of senses. It was a place of peace.

To keep days and moments like this in my mind will help quiet the murmurings of the wounded heart and mind. To let go of old wounds and sorrows will bring peace.

The ball in my garden seemed magical today. I suspect I will find much magic in my own back yard....in the words of Dorothy..there's no place like home.



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