It's a Mad World

I have been noticing lately how angry people are. We criticize our youth and gangs for violence, but I see adults of all ages exhibiting anger on the roads, in the stores, on the street. Who do you think all these youngsters are emulating?

There is the gratuitous violence presented to children in cartoons and as they grow up, they are fed it on TV and in the movies. Phase two of our life is to work work work and we want instant gratification and when we can't get what we want when we want it we go crazy.

Recently I have made some mental notes about the anger I have encountered. A woman in her 60's is screaming out her car window at someone who was driving down the street slowly, looking for a place to park. Driving down a windy back road, I stop at the blinking red light - a truck comes barreling down the street. I wait at the light, and as the truck flies past me the woman shoots me a look that would kill. I am stopped at a stop sign letting the driver to my left go, and she GLARES at me as she takes the turn sharp and I think- My God, is she going to stop and jump me? There is a fist fight in a construction zone because someone would not take turns nicely merging. Angry angry mugs surround me.

I want to say to people, you know, what if your face froze like that?

In spite of all of this I smile, and I reach into my serenity toolbox and pull out a few tools and go into the joyful zone.

It's a MAD WORLD(clidck link for the Tears for Fears video Mad World for a treat!)


Anonymous said…
Y'know, I think everyone would be better off if we taught them that they CAN be creative, that there is no right or wrong to creativity, and it's in all of us. Maybe people would be less angry if they knew they could go home and make something that would express their frustration.
MB Shaw said…
Oh I know, this anger is so troubling. I see it all the time too and my step daughter (who is a high school teacher) talks about the children she teaches. Life sometimes seems to be spiraling out of control. I really work at maintaining inner peace and spreading some joy in my little patch of the world. Hugs, MB

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