Pin Ups Part I

It is late, but I wanted to briefly blog. I spent my day with two writers, one dancer, and a photographer, doing a Pin Up workshop. We learned about the history of the Pin Up and the portrayal of women in art history.

The first part of the workshop was learning how to apply makeup for the period we were shooting in. I chose the 20's, while others chose the 50's. Intersting factoid: if you singe a real cork, it makes a perfect charcoal eyeliner. We did it. Amazing smoky eyes. We used stage makeup, and learned make up tricks used in film and photography. We each had the pleasure of Isis doing our make up, and that was a REAL girlie treat. And, for the first time in my life, I applied fake eyelashes!!! And eyeliner, I have not used that for YEARS!!!! Lip liner? NAH.

We also gave ourselves manicures and painted our nails red, the true color of the Pin Up girl. I have NEVER painted my fingernails red, but I did like giving myself a manicure and decided that I need to pay more attention to some of the details which I so easily overlook.

Here are a few pics that one of the women took...a before picture (I had on NO makeup with my bangs pasted back) and a profile of the finished look.

Check back tomorrow for part II of the story.


Anonymous said…
Nice! You look like a glam-version of "Girl With A Pearl Earring"!

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