Kudos to the Kids

I am glad this week is done with. The yearbook is finished and being proofed. The art show opening was last night and I went after school....making a long week even longer as I did not get home till 7 pm...a long 12 hour school day.

When people say they want to have teacher's hours, I just want to slap them upside the head. I don't know what teachers THEY know, but I work every day from 8 am till 4 pm, often doing work at home and in my studio for the classroom. I scrounge for materials, I am always thinking about my students, and I give them enormous amounts of love, and energy, never mind the money I spend on them during the year.

Sure, we have summers off-but we need to recover from raising and mentoring all your kids. I get the ones who are quite the challenge too...the At-Risk youth. I bet you don't get too many people at YOUR job telling you to go "fuck yourself" call you a "bitch" or threaten you. The only teachers who might make the 100,000 a year mark (not so difficult to attain in other fields...) are the ones who have been teaching for some 30+ years. They deserve a house set up on a lovely tropical island, with unlimited margaritas or some other exotic drink for the rest of their lives!

I entered these three self-portraits in the show at the local community college's exhibit for local high school art students. Since I work with such difficult kids, I must ensure that they will be somewhat successful in their work. One of their AND my favorite lessons is this one..where we combine digital camera photos, along with Photoshop to produce an image that they work from...then they transfer using a grid method. They learn about the history of portraiture and color theory. It is a very saturated lesson, and most kids succeed in doing a decent job. These kids have only had one year of art, and most of that is laden with history and a mix of projects that give them exposure to a variety of medium. Studio Art II allows them to explore some of the technology and different medium in more depth.

So kudos to Steve, Chris, and Jessica. I did not see you there, but I represented you all. I am proud of your work, and it elicited many comments from those who went!

Off to start my day. The usual run around, I must spend time in the studio and later I am going to another opening and a lecture. Larry is doing a workshop for the weekend, so I am alone. And I don't mind as I will get much accomplished.

For you locals who read this- it is first saturday -art openings in Kingston, and the Center of Photography in Woodstock offers a lecture by Keith Carter at 8 PM. A deal at 5.00 to see his work and hear him talk. It is his workshop that Larry is attending.

Ciao for now, Patti


Anonymous said…
IMO, teachers should be making six figures a year to start, and CEOs and sports figures should be working a LOT harder for a LOT less money. We live in Upsidedownland.
Judy V. said…
KUDOS to Patti, the artwork is great and the world appreciates the work that you do.

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