In the Midst of Craziness is Innocence

Today was my last teaching day, a day where I had to fix yearbook files over the phone while teaching, deal with hundreds of questions as to when it will be printed (by kids AND staff), and deal with interpersonal problems with other staff members. Perhaps I was indeed more sensitive than usual. After all, I have been sick, have worked single handedly producing a 48 page document in both Photoshop and In Design with students, co-advised the senior class...all the while teaching. I give up my lunch for the kids to have somewhere to go that they enjoy, etc. So off-handed flippant remarks do leave a sting. And you know about Scorpios.....don't back them into a corner....

The joy of my day was Alanna. I picked her up from great grandmas, and off we went to my house. We played with blocks, puzzles, watched Peter and the Wolf, colored, and discovered that cookie tins and chop sticks make great drums. For a long time she played the drums with Larry while I cooked home made marinara and tortellini. I love to cook things that she loves to eat! Occasionally I went out to the back porch to play with her, or to dance to the beat of her drums.

At one point, she looked at Larry, and said "I am so happy Yi Yi. I love you and I love Mimi so much". Amazing for a not-quite three year old.

I gave her a bath which we call "going swimming", bandaged her boo-boo, and crawled into bed with her. At one point she looked at me and said "I need you Mimi".

My heart melted. All anger and anxiety dissipated, and I hugged her till she fell asleep.

If only innocence could save the world from war, hate, and violence. If only.



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