Visit to the Cole House

Another quick blog as it is late. I got up early to garden, work on the house, and on Larry's father's day card and gifts. I had bought him some homemade Cassis at a local farmer's market. I know a guy who sells it, but you have to ask him privately as he does not have a license to sell alcohol, but he has the best Cassis around. I whisper in his ear, he walks over to his vehicle and I go home with liquid gold.

The bottle is plain, so I collaged it with a cascade of antique paper sweet peas. I also made him a great card, and collaged his wrapping paper. I bought him a book of wise words from the Dalai Lama, a new meditation/sleep CD called Namaste (great CD by the way) and took him to French restaurant for dinner where we dined for two hours on exquisite food and drank black current Cosmopolitans and Martinis.

Late afternoon we took a ride to Catskill to go to Olana. Because we were so "Zen" about the day, we missed the last tour inside the newly repainted house. We decided to go to the Thomas Cole house several miles away, but again we missed the last tour.

We did meet the tour guide, who told us to come back next weekend if we can for his tours, and he would allow us to take any inside photos we wanted. I had donated an engraving of Cole's from around 1835 for a show a while back, so my generosity might pay me back in the way of photos not otherwise allowed.

Today all I could get was a photo of the outside of the house, the front door with the rope, and a rose from the garden.

Cole was the founding father of the Hudson River School of art, and Church was his student. Cole sadly died around the age of 46, never quite realizing his full potential, but he was a prolific artist during his 20 year career.

Come back for more info on new music, and other stories as I have run out of steam.
And, Larry is waiting for his last gift of the day.

Happy Father's day to all my readers! xxpatti


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