Storms of Summer

Even though it is not quite summer, the storms presented themselves in their glory tonight. I did enhance the contrast a bit in Photoshop, but the essence of the photos are what the sky looked like. Not long before the sky was a beautiful blue. Then it got dark, the wind kicked up, and I got these fabulous photos.

Somewhere in my past I was a meteorologist, though I suspect it was long before modern technology. Perhaps it was in Ancient Greece. After all, Aristotle wrote in great length about meterology.

I prefer to think that I was in a civilized culture, where writing, art, and thought were highly prized.

The longest day of the year will be soon upon us. Though I look forward to it, I am also saddened by the fact that they days will start to get shorter again.

Here's to the light, and to summer, and all of its intricacies.

To the gods who throw down their bolts, Patti


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