First Day Off

My first day off. Alone. It was heaven. Though I did not feel well (ok, I felt horrid, something at last night's dinner made me dreadfully sick) I worked on the house, in the garden, in the studio. It was almost like I was driven to work like a maniac and make every moment count in my life.

I did take time to cut flowers so that I could enjoy their beauty. I also took a dip in the kiddie pool and laid out in the sun pouring over an art supply catalog for an hour while listening to my Ipod. Oh what turns me on! I also checked out my latest issue of Martha. (I failed Martha school but I still can dream, can't I?!)

Later on Megan, Dole, and Alanna came by to hang out for a bit.

For dinner, I foraged in the organic garden and made a delightful salad, and along with a bit of tuna, cottage cheese and fresh mozzerealla and tomato, made my favorite summer meal.

I also managed to launch my new blog, which is purely about art for you art folks...the link for it is here...Catskillpaper. I had such fun designing the logo for it and also chuckled at my double entendre. I am the queen of double entendres, though they often get me into trouble! (I think they caused one the major break-ups in my man did NOT like my feisty sassy lewd commentaries at times...)

BUT I DON'T CARE! patti o dancer


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