New Music

Another incredibly busy day at school, but I am counting down the hours....

I was able to put a bed of flowers in by the Buddha....nothing has been doing well there and I bought a flat of verbena hoping that those will take OK. I think I need some fertilizer for the bed. Maybe that will help.

I also managed to put up a new "mini Etsy" link on my blog. I think it is really cool that they provide code for blogs (it does not work in typepad I think) but any of your who have Etsy stores can get the code and install it yourself. It will link to specific items, but then you can view my entire shop. I have started adding things to it again for the summer. I hope to put on much more, but since school is not out yet, I don't have much time to devote to the work that it takes for a while.

New music.... I just bought a CD titled The Reminder by the artist "Feist". A blend of genres, an indie artist who is up-and-coming. Google her name and NY Times and read the review they wrote of her. I also bought a great CD for Larry titled Namaste on the label Real Music. It has fabulous New Age music without the typical boring predictable space groans of much of the meditational goop that I have heard. Of course Rasa does a live piece on it which is FAB and there is a bonus CD of guided meditation.

Speaking of which Larry is calling to me... the A/C and music is on. It has become a habit now..playing quiet music which we drift to sleep to. I love it.

Photo is a picture of Larry's sister's house in Catskill, just down the street from the Thomas Cole house. They got it for a SONG about 10 years the same houses are going for 400,000...which is actually nothing as if it was in Westchester, it would be an easy million. My house is actually a much smaller, more humble version of hers from the 20's...and A LOT less upkeep and house cleaning. I can't keep ONE living room clean, never mind 3 parlors!!!

Till tomorrow, sleep peacefully, Patti


Anonymous said…
This may sound strange, but your gay wedding card in your Etsy link reminds me of one of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits. Remember the portrait with two selves, one in traditional Mexican garb and the other in a more modern white dress? The selves were holding hands like the men on your card. Coincidence? Subconscious comparison? Or deliberate homage? Keep up the good work!

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