Tiny Adventures

I love when I am alone. Not to say that I don't enjoy my family or friends, but I am such a loner that I wonder how I have never became a hermit. I guess it is because life has never given me such a window of opportunity!

The demands of my job and my busy life leave me little time to myself. There has always been people in my living space...a roommate, a child, a man. But live totally alone? Not happened yet.

I fantasize about it, sometimes yearn for it. It has nothing to do with men, as I have chosen good men in the past 20 years to be a part of my life. (don't ask about the previous men BEFORE THAT!) Some did not work out, and my husband is a kind, thoughtful, and loving man. BUT OH I GET SO EXCITED WHEN I AM ALONE.

So this weekend Larry is at a workshop with Keith Carter. I got up early, and took off to wander the farmer's market, hung out on the stone wall with friends eating croissants, sampling wines, chatting away. Full with social interaction, I headed home to work in the studio. Four hours at home with hardly a disruption. I picked flowers, made art, did a few chores, enjoyed every fleeting moment.

It was the gallery opening night, so I headed off at 5:30 to the various venues around the city to check out the art shows. Another group of friends to interact with, art to check out, homemade beer to be sampled. Afterwards I headed up to the Center of Photography in Woodstock to hear Keith Carter talk. His name is hot linked; check out his website of photography. He is one of the top fine art photographers. He gave a delightful lecture, and a group of us went out to dinner at Joshua's with him. He has wonderful energy, this man from Texas. I absorbed his passion for enjoying life, and he made a point to telling us not to run from the things that obsess us...but rather face and explore them. Work hard at what you do, learn the materials and technique, because then once we know that intimately, can we push our limits as artists and people. Our life becomes our art. Amen Keith!

Today..hehehe. I have something special in store for myself. THAT I will share later on tonight. Or maybe not. We shall see. But I suspect I am going to have a lot of fun, and it is something every girl should do. (nope, it's not a toy party...)

Off to get ready for the adventure! patti o

PS One of the cards I made in my studio yesterday. I am getting ready for the Rhinebeck Craft's Fair at the end of the month. The Arts Society of Kingston is having a booth there, and will rep some of the artists. So, I am making a small body of cards and will probably hang a few of my favorite fine art pieces there for display. Sales are not my goal (thought a nice benefit)--I really want people to see what I do, and hopefully there will be those that love it enough to become a patron! I have one already, my dear client Nancy!!!!!!


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