A Day in Bed

I am writing you in between going back and forth to bed all day. Yesterday before I took off and went to my party, a sudden attack of lethargy struck me. I had to lay down and I passed out for 2 hours. When I got up my back was killing me, my stomach hurt, and I felt like I was a mess.

I went to my party, walked to it in fact, and decided that this time I was going to have a few drinks, which might take care of the back pain, and have a good time. Worse case scenario, I go home.

I had a lovely time, lots of food, good company, and at the end the killer bottle came out. My friend knows we love Aquaveet-----so he stuck a bottle in the freezer. After a few sips of that, I forgot how to spell pain. We all had a chuckle over the fact that if you google the word aquaveet, my blog comes up as the number 3 and 4 search, and people stop by and read my silly story. Wish my artwork came up that way as well.

Today? My body hurt all over. I have a temp of 99 which for me is high since my body temp is normally very low. I have no energy. My hips ache, my shoulders, I feel totally spaced. I don't have a hangover, (ok I had a wee one in the early morning) I am no longer tired, but I just can't do a thing.

Of course I fear the infernal lyme disease.....we have deer that stroll through our yard and gardens. I have never seen a tick on me nor pulled one off---ever, I have always supposed that they don't like my body chemistry. But what if one bit me and I never knew it?

Well I am going to get a massage tomorrow and if this lethergy and pain persists, I will see the doc. Maybe I just have been working too hard and my body is saying STOP.

So later a bath, perhaps I am going to possibly join myspace and set up a place there for my art and such, and I have a few very cool things that I am going to list on ebay. Need to start to get money rolling in as in two more weeks I won't have any more paychecks for a few months!

Today's photo is of something I have never seen, can't find thru google, called Neaties. They are printed cardboard dresser drawer dividers that are really pretty......and I think that Ebay may be the place for these. I went to a yard sale and picked them up along with a few other things I am listing. More Hawaii photos etc.

See ya soon, Patti


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