Just Counting the Days

I am not much in the mood for blogging. Let me say that I am upset as my boss of 7 years is leaving. I HATE the fact that I cannot say what is on my mind as this is a public blog. I have to censor myself A LOT of the time and it drives me NUTS. (I bet I would have a lot more readers if I did not have to censor myself!)

I liked my boss. I respected her and I hope that the feeling was likewise.

I just want this school year to be over. It has been a tough year...though it has also been a wonderful year.

I have been buying some paper on ebay and getting ready to make a shitload of artwork this summer. I have orders to fill and if I were smart I would start to build stock for the fall and winter. I also plan on joining a paint out in Marlboro which will benefit an organization that is trying to save the farmlands from investors that are trying to buy out the farms.

I hope to fill my spare time with as many trips out of town as I can. I want to be a gypsy, but I don't want to be a poor gypsy. My adventures may be be an important way of purging myself of the sorrow, and conflict I have been feeling. I also know it will reviatlize me and give me an opportunity to grow as a woman and an artist, and what I learn is always bought into the classroom.

Carpe Diem. Patti


I'm sorry your boss is leaving Patti, or perhaps she's left by now. I hope this change some how bring something new and wonderful to your life in spite. Your work is very beautiful.

Mindy Wilson (GCP group)

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