Off to Dylan and then NYC

I am rushing trying to pack to leave for NYC at the crack of dawn to play for a few days with my friend Annie/Loel in a nice apartment on Riverside Drive. And, in a few hours I leave for Bethel Woods to see the Dylan concert with Larry and Megan. Turns out a bunch of my friends are going too so we are trying to hook up before the concert. What a trip it is going to be! What a trip it is going to be getting up at 6 AM tomorrow. Sheesh. I used to do it well, about 30 years ago!!!

I FINALLY BOUGHT A LAPTOP, a Toshiba, but I have not really had time to set it up yet. I hope I figure it out before I get back, LOL. I got a great deal on it..did my research on Consumer Reports, and got the "BEST BUY" computer. Sale price 599.00 and it has as much RAM and storage as my home computer which serves me just fine! Someday I will get a MAC. Not now. Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a few days, you will know that I never figured out how to set it all up.

Gotta run, will HOPEFULLY be reporting to you tomorrow from NYC!!! PSYCHE!
(can you tell I have been hanging around teenagers for far too long?)



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