Curiosity and Exploration

I am typing in between storms. I had much to say (I always have something to say..go ask Larry) but I hear the thunder getting louder so I had better shut down and get to bed.

I bought Alanna a pool this afternoon, and almost passed out from blowing up the THREE rings. The pool is about 5.5'in size, so you know that took some air. Of course, in spite of the dark clouds, we filled it up a few inches so that Alanna could go play before it got too late.

This picture is after she got out of the pool and I took off her bathing suit. The first thing she did was run around the yard exclaiming that she had no clothes on, and quite joyful in her freedom. (oh I wish I could do that, but they would certainly take me away). She stuck her head in the chiminea (which we can't use due to the city regs...want to buy one cheap??)and made all kinds of sounds in it. She loved the echo of her voice.

Oh to be naked and fascinated by the most simple of things. I watch her with great joy and celebration. She will be with us for the summer...after that she will be leaving the state with Megan and an Army base.

I will enjoy the time with her and relish her innocence, discovery, and love of everything that brings her happiness. May I also celebrate this in my life.



HI Patti
a great post
thanskf ro the read of your blog - nice to be able to catch up with you
sending best
xxoo Jen

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