Hiking in the Shawangunks

Today was a great adventure. A hike on the Mohonk Preserve, rediscovering the flora and fauna such as the fresh wild blueberries that graced the paths higher up, the mountain laurel, and the wintergreen that I immediately picked, crushed, and smelled in my hands. We had lunch, and then had an outing in a row boat on the Rondout Creek.

I went with Michael, a teacher friend of mine whom I have known for about 14 years.He is the real outdoorsy kind; hiker, biker, scrambler, boater, adventurer. You know, the kind that you trust will get you up and back DOWN the mountain, and be able to handle that boat when launching it means going down a steep embankment and getting it over some major logs.

I used to do a lot of outdoor things, but over the years they diminished gradually. First it was the kids, then the work schedule, finally the broken ankle. This was actually the first time in two years that I did something that I would have done BEFORE I broke it!

We found a flat of rocks that we climbed up and sketched the mountains from for an hour or so. The air was warm, but not humid, and was barely warm enough to consider swimming. Though I bought my suit, and even put it on, I never did go swimming. I would have done so on a dare, but no one dared me......

The outing on the Rondout was lovely. We used a combo of silent electric motor and rowing to get us about. There were moments in time where I could imagine myself to be on the bayou, or on some river from another part of the world. Ah...imagination....

I am a bit sore, a bit tired, but definitely will go to bed smiling from a day of sun, fun and art. THANKS MICHAEL!!!!!!



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