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A very quick blog as it is very late. I got the contact sheets from the shoot and they are amazing. I look right out of the 20's. I am only showing a head shot from one of the 25 images I got, as even though I am fully clothed and dressed in period costume (rhinestone top/headpiece and the bottom is an authentic piece of a flapper dress that I had tucked away) I think it is a bit too skimpy to be posting. The quality is not great as I took this from the contact sheet and had to blow it up a bit, but you get the idea. Now I have to figure out which photos I want printed! I will tell people that it is my grandmother they are looking at, hahaha!

Visit Isis' website. She had a show a few years ago at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, is working on a book, and is an amazing artist. She may not be for everyone, but I love what she does.

Off to bed! patti


Judy V. said…
Hey Patti,
Some people have all the fun and I'm jealous. I love the Isis photographs. You inspired me check out my blog.
MB Shaw said…
Dahling, you look mahvelous.......actually, you're one hot mama. Woo hoo, don'tcha love it.

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