The Depths of Sorrow=the Heights of Great Love

Out of the depths of great sorrow rise mountains of great love.

It was difficult to teach all day after a night of intense emotions. I felt raw, unraveled, on the edge.

Dreams have been difficult to come by these days as my sleep has been interrupted and light at best. As I try and unwind from the day I play the CD Namaste, which is amazingly diverse and transcends me to another place… which influences and shapes the space between sleep and wakefulness.

I travel to unknown places, feel emotions unclear to me. I don’t know the purpose of these journeys yet, but they become part of my being, and I am open to the learning.

One of the songs, which I have mentioned in my blog, is called “The End of all Suffering”. I strongly urge you to listen to it if you haven’t already. It has given me solace in times of great sorrow and unrest. I am not affiliated with any religion or organization, but I recognize what is divine and beautiful, and has potential for transformation and healing. And this is one such piece. It happens to be Buddhist.

I sit here and await my family to say goodbye. I know I will see them again, and I am glad that they have given me the opportunity to love deeply and dearly. I know my sadness will not kill me, and perhaps for the first time in my life I have given myself over to love.




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