My Best Friend

I still felt a bit of "gloom and doom" over my head after I left school. In my heart I knew that the sun was shining, it was a wonderful afternoon, and as I crossed the bridge over the Hudson I felt guilty for feeling so morose.

I worked hard on turning it around, after all, I was going to visit Lois and catch a movie.

There is nothing like laughter and a feel good movie to make me smile and forget my misery. We saw the French movie My Best Friend at Upstate, and it was delightful. Story: antique dealer (and do I know a few of those being an ephemera dealer myself) realizes he is despised by all. A bet is made that he has no friends, and the next hour and a half consists of his journey trying to find a friend, and learn what makes a person desirable as a friend. He gets his lessons from a gregarious taxi driver, and what happens I won't divulge, but there are poignant scenes as well as lots of double edged humor.

The end is delightful, hopeful, and warmed me all over almost just as much as Chris's margaritas at Sobroso.

After the movie I realized how blessed I am with friends, and felt sad for all those who lack the love of true friends; friends who would do anything, anytime for you.

Photo is compressed and blurry, but is a pic of myself and one of my best friends, Bardet taken through a screen in her kitchen window by Larry. I have so many friends, and I love you all, and thanks from the bottom of my heart. Patti


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