Blogging in Bed

One of the best things that I did for myself this summer was to buy a laptop, install a router, and be able to do things like blog in bed. I sit here with my bedroom window open as it is warm out on this early fall morning, listening to the neighborhood dogs barking, the whistle on the train sighing in the background. The streets outside are quiet for the most part, with an occasional car zooming by. The early autumn sun is not strong enough to light up my room, so I must light it with my reading lamp, and a cup of tepid coffee sits on my night table.

I sit here and glorious this moment is.

I just read a comment from someone on one of my blogs. I don't' know if it is the reader I had some banter with over a local eatery, or if it is someone else. This person was not anonymous however, and though he commented that he often has different opinions than I (good thing boring it would be if we all thought the same!) but he also said that he enjoyed my blog and thought it was one of the best out there.

Being the humble person that I am (I really don't have much of an ego, that got destroyed as a two year old early on, and there is not much hope of getting it back, but who needs one anyway..) I hardly think the my writing or blog is that good, but I do speak from the heart and soul, and perhaps it is my honest writing that piques people's interest from time to time. Thank you John. What a nice way to start my day.

My party yesterday was delightful. I have come in my middle years, to be close to my cousins on my father's side. I have always loved these three boys who were full of piss and vinegar. Though never mean or hurtful, they were the epitome of the trickery, teasing, and games of boys. That joyful banter was not allowed in our family amongst four children. We were subdued, lived in fear of punishment, and on some very primitive level, of being seriously hurt. Fortunately I had spunk as a child, and my father could never quite beat all of it from me. It is what keeps me going and makes me the zany woman that I am.

I got to see all three of my cousins yesterday, and we had a great time. I photographed the party, but then Larry stole the show with his 2,000.00 camera, and super large special zoom lens. Bigger and better always seems to steal the show in life, but I can still shoot a mean picture with my 200.00 Canon.

I had five lovely young girls to photograph, and we had a blast making pictures under the trees in their yard. I will post a photo soon as I am too lazy to get out of bed and hook up the camera equipment to the computer. Besides, the battery in this thing does not last too long, so I will upload and put up a photo later.

A funny aside, I asked the girls, WHERE ARE ALL THE BOYS??!! They laughed with an edge, and I knew they had figured them out very early in life. They didn't need the boys/men to have a blast at their party. In fact, they weren't invited!!!!! At 21 they were pretty grounded and off to good starts in life. Sometimes I wish...who would I be if....... but shake my head and know that everything is the way it is because it had to be. And it is all ok.

Off to blog about art and try to figure out how to make myspace classy...Patti
PS a photo of me working with the girls.


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