Art is my Savior

Not good. Headache now going on the second day. I am cranky, tired, slept poorly and my head feels like it is stuffed with pillow fluff dipped in hot pepper sauce. I think the ragweed is getting to me.

I did not come out of my funk till I got home around 4 and worked on my orders, and primed and painted a frame for a piece I think I will call Magritte's Cantalopes. It will hang in my kitchen as it goes PERFECTLY with my walls. I did not plan on it that way, as I don't make art to "match things" but it works so well that is deserves to be framed.

I also worked on the piece which I posted on the blog.The light was at an angle so color and intensity are incorrect but I am NOT going back out there to re-shoot. You get the idea.

I feel much better after spending time in the studio and I am sure on some level Larry was glad to get rid of me. I was really a pain in my own ass.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day! patti


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