Mars in the Morning

6 am the phone rings. It think who the heck is this at this time in the morning. Even my Aunt does not call this early. I am too fuzzy to even think it might be an emergency. I don't know what to think.

The little voice on the other end was Bardet telling us to look at Mars in the eastern sky before the sun rose.

I am one who is big on stargazing and viewing astronomical phenomena that only happen once every gazillion years, so I dragged my tired sorry ass out of bed (the cat threw up again at 4 am so I was awake for a good hour after that)slid on some clothes warm enough for a cool morning, grabbed the camera and went outside.

Surprisingly Larry followed suit.

There, in the eastern sky, was Mars, shining bright as dawn was beginning to color the morning sky.

I still don't have a tripod, and I was too sleepy to think about finding something steady to lean on, but here it is, untouched by photoshop.

Try again tomorrow morning, about 5:45-6AM if you are on the east coast. It's worth it.

Off to the Cape tomorrow for the last beach weekend of the summer. I can smell the ocean and feel the sun already. Hope to be reporting from there...patti


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