Photography Obsession

Today was a particularly difficult session. ACOA is bringing up a very painful past and pointing out faults and behaviors which no longer work for me. I am angry, and it is necessary to feel it and process it before I can pass into the next level of healing and spirituality.

Nasty family secrets uncovered. More questions, more to process.

On the way home I stopped by a field which I have passed over the past year as I travel to and fro to therapy. The field with the unknown mountain which is always present, and changes with the season and the light. It has become an anchor, a symbol of healing.

Today I found a safe place to pull off and photograph it, even though it was in bright light. The tractor sits idle from its most recent circles around the fields. The sun is lazy and warm, the sky a brilliant blue, the mountain showing off atmospheric perspective at its best.

I have become obsessed with photographing the landscape, my life. Grasping at moments of beauty and memory. Freezing the work of an artist far greater than any of us, encapsulating my emotions.

I often print them up and post them in my classroom. I find the students gazing at the bits and pieces of my life. They ask questions. They admire, they ponder. I look and remember. I feel the excitement of the moment, smell the hay in the fields, feel the cool breeze. Present as long as the photographs last.

To the captured image, Patti


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