Off to Visit Family

Am falling a bit behind on my blogging these days. Just too much to do.

But at least I still have stories to tell, and they will have to wait.

Off to New Jersey to atttend my cousin's daughter's 21st birthday party.
I am photographing the party; it will be my third party that I have photographed in the past few months. I don't charge for it as it is my gift, and I do enjoy doing it, especially with young people who are full of life and fun. And, maybe someday, I will get some business and make some money with it!

Today's photo is not one of my family, but I have adopted them for the day.
I will probably sell it on etsy, where you too can adopt a family or person and give them a new life. Sometime I will post some of my art pieces using these photos. Usually humorous and surreal, and I have fun making new out of old.

However, now I must run.....till later, Patti


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