The Gorey House

In today's Catskill Paper blog, I wrote a brief blurb on a visit to the Edward Gorey House. Those of you who appreciated humor, oddity, and being slightly eccentric and twisted, this house-turned-museum is for you.

It is a beautiful old Mansard roof Victorian, which he named The Elephant, due to the texture of the paint on the old house. He collected many kinds of figures and objects, and was an admirer of elephants as well as cats, frogs, balls, etc.

The photo is of a room in the house with his actual couch marred by the claws of his many cats, and on it is seated a life sized stuffed animal bear from FAO Schwartz which lived on the front porch I believe.

Gorey was the artist behind the PBS's Mystery Theater, designed the stage set for Dracula, amongst being the writer and illustrator of many books, posters etc.

In Yarmouthport, right off 6A on Strawberry Lane you can find this most intersting museum and gift shop.

I used the bathroom there before I left, and as I looked around I wondered if this was the bathroom for visitors, or did he sit on the same bowl that I was upon!

May the brilliance wear off if it was!

To osmosis, Patti


annie kelleher said…
ooooh... not far from me, either... sounds like a really interesting place to visit!
Judy V. said…
I would love that house.
Osmosis from the privy? why not.

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