In the "Plein Air"

It was another lovely late summer day. One more week and fall will arrive.

Rob called me and asked what I was doing. I had enough of cleaning and doing work, so I said..LET'S GO PAINTING.

We packed up his van with our easels, chairs, paints, and I made a quick lunch.

We drove not far from my house to Hurley, home of large farms. We stopped at Gill's Farm stand, which I have been going to for 20+ years. I knocked on the farm house door, and we introduced ourselves to Mrs. Gill. She was very gracious in allowing us to drive the van into the fields to park and paint. She also warned us where we should not go as that family is not keen on anyone being on their land.

We found a good location and painted for a few hours.

Rob and I go back 30 years to when we were both in the same painting classes in college. He had just lost his mother, and I my father. There have been long periods of time where we have lost track of one another, but have somehow found each other over the years.

Rob is an incredible artist and his art can be seen at Artroof. He has a brain tumor which is affecting his sight, and several awful tropical diseases still linger from his trips to Bali. But when he feels well, he can be found in any number of fields and vistas painting. He has been my teacher, mentor and friend. THANKS ROB!!!!!!

Off to bed. I am tired from all that fresh air. Perhaps I will sleep tonight. Patti


Judy V. said…
Your world looks beautiful ahhhhh smell the Plen Air.

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