Reinventing Ourselves

I got the inspiration for my first art lesson from a conversation I had with a friend while lounging by the pool after a delightfully cool dip. Donna was talking about how when the fall comes she finds it a time that she reinvents herself. I spent some time thinking about this, and thought, we are ALL constantly reinventing ourselves.

I thought about how after a summer we are all changed. Children come back older, taller, more mature and always different.

I have returned wiser from my summer, more appreciative of life and friends, thankful for my health and what I have. I am altered from a summer of discovery, healing, laughter, and tears. Change is a constant - it is one of my tools for learning.

I have an art project which allows the kids to focus on themselves, their summer experiences, and gives them a visual way to tell their stories. I hope that they enjoy it.

Off to rest and get ready to inspire these great young minds. Even though I am having a rough time adjusting back to my school life, I remember very quickly why I chose this job, and smile knowing that I DO make a difference in their lives.

PS I did this self portrait by scanning my face and then altering it in photoshop. I really love this piece as it has a Zen-like quality about it...part of what I hope to instill in my being.


Judy V. said…
What beautiful images for the first days back at school. I've been sub-teaching in an art class 6,7,8th graders and I've had a fun time trying to teach those young hormonal teens art stuff. I am remembering myself when I was so young and wild. Its different and challenging. We are just starting to bond I am teaching a little next week.
Can I get some inspiration for an art lesson?
Your friend

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