Getting my A** Kicked

Today was the day for Megan and Dole's send off party, as well as Alanna's 3rd birthday party.

We rented a local park which has rolling hills and a view of the river. The weather held out; the sun broke through on and off, and later the clouds rolled in with a cool breeze, but no rain.

I left around 5:30 with the kids still playing poker, and headed home.

First thing I did was go to bed as I felt like someone sucked the life out of me. I drank a tiny bit of white wine, and did not feel like any more, so it wasn't the wine.

I have decided that I have gotten my ass kicked this year by allergies. I don't know what kind, but man, I have no choice but to take medication like Claritin as needed so that I can survive. (going for one right now). I have gotten so sick from it that it leaves me no choice. Larry asked about homeopathic stuff, but at this point I need the relief that drugs provide.

I did look it up on a a state website for pollen counts, and locally the weed and grass concentration is above average, in the orange zone. Another site said that ragweed, plantain, and nettle pollen counts are high, as well as lamb's-quarter, cocklebur, pigweed, and Mexican fire bush. OH MAN AM I IN TROUBLE. I think my lawn has more plantain than grass!

Well, I am dragging my boring sluggish stuffed up cranky butt upstairs to sleep some more. Something to look forward to in the allergies!
PS photo of sweet darling little granddaughter who is 3 today!


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