Last Day of Summer

It was a beautiful late summer day; crystal clear cerulean sky, warm temps, a soft breeze.

I was sad today as I know I have to let go of summer, and get ready to shift gears. School starts tomorrow.

No more sleeping in. Less time in the studio and on the Internet inventing myself as an artist. The close of swimming and afternoons hiking or lounging in the sun. I still have some time for plein air sketching when I have time after school, before the light starts to fade, and it gets too cold to sit and hold brush or pen comfortably.

I took myself to the pool in the woods for a few hours. Larry went on his own search for a way to celebrate the end of summer making photographs. I was content sitting alone with my iPod, my art books, and a lunch that I packed for myself. When I got to hot I jumped into the cold water of the pool, instantly revived and refreshed. I swam a few laps each time, sad that my time in the pool is drawing to and end. I wonder if I swam every day, would my body gradually acclimate to the colder pool water temps enough for me to still enjoy the swim for another month? I remember swimming in 55 degree water in Maine--my body was numb, but I was much younger and wild then, and nothing seemed too radical or impossible to do.

A photograph of the remaining last images of summer. I think it speaks it all.

I will keep telling myself ….breathe………



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