Food for Thought

I recently got a comment on my blog for "bashing" a local eatery/coffee shop in my small city of Kingston. I thought about it for a bit, and decided that I had not bashed it-I said nice things about it, but also pointed out that the lack of concern about moldy food for display and the disturbances caused by the children and friends of the workers which had colored my vision of what had potential to be a really cool place. I call a spade a spade.

I probably will return there at some point in time, (but not eat the food, sorry) and give it another chance. But the place IS a franchise which opened up in a city that has a wonderful established coffee cafe less than a block away, as well as a Starbucks and three ? Dunkin Donuts, and I would like to think they want to be successful. Leaving moldy bagels on a counter and letting your kids and their friends run wild while you are working is not a way to build clientele.

Our little city is actually not a void as the person who commented on my blog called is rich with many places to hang out, eat, and be entertained. The arts scene is active, there are many restaurants worth noting, festivals, music events etc. We have a nice waterfront, uptown district, and I ran a gallery for a year+ in the same building that the Muddy Cup is housed in. Not a great section of the city, but I never had any problems there and loved the time I spent midtown.

Sure there are poor sections, as there are all over America, (hey GW..think of what you COULD do with all the money you are robbing from us for this war?!) and gang and drug problems, but I do not let that color my view of the city that I live in and love.

When I comment on things I leave myself open for criticism; I do not moderate my blogs, and allow anyone's comments to be posted as it is a free world.
But I find it funny in one sentence a commentor chides me for "bashing" an eatery (with due reason)and in the next sentence bashes the entire city. Go figure.

Hope some of you went to the Hooley on the Hudson yesterday. I was still recovering from my horrid allergy attack, and trying to rest up for returning to school.

Till later, :P
patti who will spend her money at Monkey Joes, a fine coffee roaster and eatery in Mid Town Kingston.

PS the Collage is a piece I did for a show "Food for Thought". It is about bio-engineering of food and is available for sale.


Anonymous said…
last comment I promise, Monkey joes is a very nice place, so is the muddy cup (not a franchise) I have met the owner. I think the more places that open in kingston the better, the more businesses that make an investment in kingston is great, especially on broadway which needs all the help it can get. My question to you have you made a significant investment in kingston? i.e. taking a risk on opening a business? side note I checked out your art work - a bit moldy in my opinion, but thats just my opinion.
Anonymous said…
What the heck? How is the work that you do MOLDY?
Old fashioned?

What a strange comment!

When I write anonymously, I usually sign my name, just so I do not have to log on to blogger to add a comment.

I wonder what type of FRESH from the farm art Anonymous does?

Anonymous Amber Dawn
John said…
Perhaps I'm biased because I like your blog. I often have differing opinion
from yours. Sometimes it is better to differ each other because it gives a
totally new perspective in our outlook. I honestly believe yours is one of
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