On Being Anonymous

If you read my blogs and some of the comments, you might find that there has been some banter back and forth between me and an anonymous reader/commenter who must live in the same county as I do.

It is very strange to communicate with someone who remains anonymous in their correspondence. I am used to open dialog face to face, no matter how difficult the subject may be. It would be sort of like talking to someone who insists on putting a paper bag over their head, but I am sure that the person has a good reason for being anonymous, and I respect that. However, if you want to contact me further, you can do it through my email link on my profile page....

But I will answer to Mr./Ms. Anonymous here since there is no other way of writing you...yes, I am all for business in the mid-town section of my city. I have supported many of the businesses over the years and have become very fond of all of Kingston. And in answer to your question about have I ever invested money in that part of the city, yes, and more. Not only did I invest money, but a huge chunk of my life and energy to provide a venue for the public to show art. The only reason I had to leave was that my daughter was coming home from Iraq, after serving our country, and she was ill and then some, but that is for a future novel that perhaps one of us will write.

As far as my art being moldy, I am not offended. Art is so subjective. I have a following of people who love what I do. But even that does not matter to me...I love what I do and that is the only thing that counts.

I took tonight's photos in between school and class in my yard. I have not walked in my gardens for a while, and I enjoyed the warm late summer air and fading sunshine. I hope to get another swim in, whether in the pool or the lake. Tomorrow is Friday, and if I survive this week, all will be well.

Till tomorrow, Patti


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