Lady in the Lake

No matter what I do I cannot get this panorama to show at a decent size. I know why it has to be sized down so small, mostly because of its width and the size of the blog page it is allotted.

But you do not need size to see the beauty of the lake, which I sought after a long week, and a hot day.

After school I went to Woodstock to see my amazing therapist, who is my guide through this next stage of my life. Over the year I have been seeing her I feel empowered, and so much more at peace with myself and my life, in spite of the challenges I face. She is brilliant.

It was in the 80's, late afternoon, and I happened to have my swim gear in the car. I felt the urge to go on a mini adventure, and I pulled off the main road home into the long narrow dirt road that leads to my favorite natural swimming spot, a beautiful lake, long and deep, filled in from an ancient quarry.

I took photos before the cooler evenings give it an entirely different palette. I met up with my friend Karen there, quite by accident, and after my swim, we sat for a while, sharing stories about our life.

The water was delightful. Perfect. Invigorating. Sensuous.

The beauty of nature is soothing, meditative, spiritual. I am glad that I took the time out breathe, listen, and look. I am not so sad about the end of summer as it has been kind as it slowly eases out the door. It has given us a gift of beautiful days this week, and I know it will continue to gift us for a bit longer.

To late summer swims, Patti


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