Ode to my First Day Back

When Larry bought this picture dripping out of the dark room I knew it was the artwork for tonight's blog. (and you have got to check out the photo of Alanna on my Catskill Paper art blog)

It epitomized my feeling of my first day back to my art room. Though I love my job, it is very hard to come off a summer of artsy Bohemian living and go back to the 8-4. It is like the living color just got sucked out of my beautiful landscape.

The photograph was taken at North Lake, at the site of the old Catskill Mountain house. The storms were rolling in, and you could hear the thunder rumbling throughout the mountains. Old Rip bowling again.

Still refusing to admit I am back at the job, I worked in my studio and then took off to the Elephant, a delightful tapas bar uptown. (more on that tomorrow). I stayed way too late and now have to head upstairs to read for a bit, then get some sleep. 6 AM comes fast.

In mourning, Patti


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