The Morning After the Night Before

They have arrived safely in Kentucky. Megan, Alanna, and Dole left my house around 12:30 am yesterday and headed south. I promised I would call in between classes to see where they were and how they were doing.

Last phone call they had arrived at Scott's house, who is Alanna's father. They are staying there, which I find really weird, especially since he is her ex-lover, she is meeting his wife, and now her new husband is being thrown into the mix of it all. Alanna is meeting her father for either the first or second time. It is all too mind boggling for me, but it is her life, not mine.

My girlfriends took me out last night to the movies to see Two Days in Paris. It was a fun, light film with some good laughs, which I needed. Afterwards a drink at Terrapin in Rhinebeck.

Today I have off. It is a beautiful day, and I just spoke to my friend Rob. We are going out to paint plein air for a few hours, and I am looking forward to that. I will pack some food and drinks and bask in the late summer Catskill landscape.

I also have a myspace account. Just click on the link and it should take you there. I am having a bit of difficulty setting it all up, but I welcome friends to invite themselves.

I think it will be an adventurous day, and I look forward to the distraction and the healing of the paint, the landscape, and a good friend.

Till I return, Patti
PS Dawn over San Franciso from Sauselito (at Bardet's place)


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