Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

I headed off to a meeting in Woodstock with my friend Bardet. She and I have been through so much together in the past 15 years, and we are the closest of friends. We have also had many zany adventures together, some of which have been posted on this blog.

On the way home, we stopped at the lake as I wanted her to see it. It was very hot and muggy, making it a perfect day to go for a swim.

We parked in the lot..only a few cars there, and the owners were hauling their kayaks and canoes into the water several hundred feet away from us.

We had to put on our suits, which was easy enough when you have a dress on. For the most part. The top to my suit is rather complicated and rather difficult to put on underneath layers of clothes. Even though Bardet has taught me the art of dressing and undressing without anyone seeing anything, I was having a difficult time pulling this one off.

No one around. OK. I can take off my dress and quickly put on my top. After all, we are in the woods. Bardet asks me if I would like her to hold up a towel as a screen.

I shake my head saying, "there is no one here, who is going to see me?"

As I am standing there, in my bathing suit bottom and my top off, an entire bus pulls up. It if full of autistic adolescent boys.

I am horrified.

We scramble together to get on the top.

Hopefully they did not see a thing, only some commotion going on behind a car.
I do hear at one point a boy saying "there is a nice date".

Bardet and I emerge from behind my car, suits on, a bit twisted nonetheless, but we march to the water and throw ourselves in hysterical laughing.

Life can be a pisser at times....and this will be one mountain swim that will ALWAYS give me a chuckle in the midst of the coldest winter.

Here's to laughter and making the best of a bad situation! Patti


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