Sail Away......

I was with a good friend this afternoon and got hot, wet, screamed, and it lasted three hours. THREE HOURS.

Such is sailing on the Hudson on an early fall day with the temps near 90, and a brisk warm velvet breeze that caresses one like a velvet glove.

Ed let me do most of the steering while he worked the sails on his 30’ boat. I think it was the best wind I have sailed in yet, and I whopped with delight and with a bit of concern when the boat listed a bit too far. I got it up to 7.2 knots, which is the fastest I have sailed thus far.

There was little traffic on the river, and I don’t think that it could have been much better conditions to sail in. The sunset was beautiful, and the views spectacular, the breeze constant, the company excellent.

I have worked with Ed for 16 years now, and have become the dearest of friends. We have laughed and cried, and since he is an avid sailor, I have gone on many a sail with him over the years. Each year I learn something new, and am now a participant rather than the seated guest on the boat. Save for the occasional breaks to take photos, I am happy behind the wheel.

Water is such a balm to my soul, whether lake, river, ocean or pool. I am not sure how I am going to find the healing that water provides in the winter unless I head somewhere warm during winter recess. That I have never done, and perhaps it is something I should consider in order to get me through the winter.

In the 1800’s ice-sailing was popular. I have never seen this, but it seems like a wild idea. Ice scares me, and I would have to be guaranteed a solid river or lake, but imaging holding on for dear life, while your iceboat races along the river. I am not sure women partook in this affair, but I can fantasize about skimming along the ice, bundled in fur from head to toe, (pre-PETA days) . I found a Currier and Ives Print on eBay for sale, and am posting the link and the photo here. It is a 50’s repro, and really like it. I may just have to bid.

To smooth sailing…patti


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