Another Scorpio Birthday

Today is Larry’s birthday which marks another weekend of celebration. Larry and I have birthdays a week apart, and we typically celebrate it for a 10 day stretch.

People wonder how two Scorpios can cohabitate without killing one another. I suppose over the years we have become immune to each other’s poison, and know when to step back, leave, or just plain hide.

We do have a lot of fun, and when we’re hot, we’re HOT, and when we are not, we know that a cool down period is necessary so that we don’t burn up into a little crisp.

Fighting is not fun as we both are intense; me in a louder, more aggressive manner, and Larry being the silent but deadly type. He can hold a mean grudge, while I let it all out in a cathartic but sometimes dangerous storm.

We do laugh a lot, and that is what I remember most. We have laughed so hard that we cried, or made those funny SNORT sounds. Laughter is the best medicine for a marriage.

Tonight’s art is a card that I made for “Lars” for his birthday. To my King of Kameras, with his dapper hats, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
xxx patti


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