The Stories I Could Tell

Perhaps someday it will be safe for me to tell all of my stories. Some of them no one would believe. Stories about family, the government, the Public School System. I know more secrets that I care to admit, and being the trustworthy can't-take-the-Catholic-out-of-the-girl type, I keep my mouth shut. Mostly out of respect for others, but let's face it, I don't want to be ostracized from my family any more than I already am, and I need to keep my job, and don't want the CIA hauling my ass or other's asses off for saying too much.

I have had a wild ride today. Too many crisis, too many injustices and too many futures at stake. And throw an intense therapy session in to boot. Yowza.

The wonderful thing is, I am learning how to stand strong, hold my own, speak my mind, while doing it with grace, dignity, and love. And to take a long hot bath, have a glass of wine, and all but tell the stories..which I KNOW you are all dying to know. Maybe you will buy the book.

Oh and about watching Netflix on your computer. You are limited to about 5,000 titles, it is not all of the DVDs that they have to order. I was disappointed that I could not watch Rome. I did attempt to watch the Ten Questions for the Dalai Lama, but I fell asleep. :( Oh well, I will try again another time.

Tonight's photo inspired by some of what I did see in the movie last night. Digitally altered photo I took out of the plane.



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