The Emerson Spa

It is hard to write a review. I always want to be nice and say everything is good, when in fact, sometimes it ISN'T. I think it is a habit of mine which I have had for a very long time.

As I have gained wisdom, however, I am more inclined to call a spade a spade. Being sensitive, if there is bad, I balance with good, if it is excellent, then it is a no-brainer.

My trip to the Emerson was delightful. It was a sunny, cool, early November day. Some of the trees have forgotten to turn color, especially some of the maples. There are many trees that have lost their leaves, while others still think it is late summer.

We arrived to be astonished that the woods and mountains surrounding the spa had a dusting of snow. It was quiet and peaceful, the only sound being the cars traveling Route 28.

I had been to the Emerson once before, when the new spa had been opened. It needed a few finishing touches, but it was lovely.

Yesterday we arrived, and checked in at the desk. Oh. We are told that we have to go to the old spa across Route 28. We were early enough, but it would be nice to be told which building your treatment is in ahead of time.

We follow the back road and arrive at the spa, which was a very simple wood building bordering a back road. Again, quiet.

I check in and am taken to the room to change. Upon arrival, I think I have entered a girl's locker room; towels on the floor, on the counters. The attendant apologizes and mops up the wet spots on the floor with the towels. I grimace and glance at the sink and counter which is cluttered with someones hairbrushes, and hair all around. Yikes.

Kate is my masseuse, and she is marvelous. The sheets are softer than anything I have ever experienced. I am in heaven.

Afterwards I change into my suit to go to the whirlpool and wave pool. I look for towels. There are none. I have to go to the lobby desk to get more. Hm. However, the whirlpool and wave pool are delightful, though when the wave pool runs it sounds like a motor boat is cruising through the spa.

After 45 minutes of this, I head to the showers. Nice, clean, equipped with all the necessary items for your washing and moisturizing needs. I always bring my own hairbrush as the thought of using the plastic ones sitting in the green disinfectant gives me chills.

Larry and I go to leave, and it is pitch black outside. The girl can't figure out how to turn on the outside lights, and we stumble on and off the path into a ditch, me hanging onto Larry for dear life so I don't break another ankle.

We finally get to the car in one piece and I shake my head.

Recently the spa was written up in MORE magazine. It sounds like nirvana, but it falls short. I hope that they get it together. I think I will return to the Mohonk Spa. For a little more, you get service, cleanliness, and magic.

PS. The bar at the Emerson has lovely ambiance, and a classy bartendress.
Photos outside of the old spa. It is as peaceful as it looks.


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