Depuy Canal House

After the massage at the Emerson, we headed home to change for dinner. I wanted to dress up as we were headed to a restaurant which I had never been to, but heard about for years.

The Depuy Canal house is a fabulous historic site, build in 1797. The restaurant is renowned for its cuisine. Larry had eaten there before he met me, and had never been back. A few years ago I had dessert in the basement, as there is a small, more casual eatery called Chefs on Fire.

It took a while to get a drink, but the service for the rest of the food was adequate. The borscht was wonderful, as was the salad we ordered. Larry ordered a fish I never heard of for his entree, and mine was beef tenderloin.

My meat was cooked to perfection, but the breaded cauliflower was cold, and the polenta was BURNT!!! I could not believe they served it. After a bite, I had to call the waiter over to send it back. I kept the meat, which I had to nibble on alone while I waited a good 10 minutes for the rest of my dinner. Larry's dish was lukewarm too...but being hungry he ate it. (the polenta was yummy on the second round)

The chocolate dessert (a name I cannot spell in French) was out of this world. What we lacked in the main meal was made up for in the dessert.

The restaurant has wonderful old Dutch ambiance, full of antiques, art, and collectibles. There are two floors with small individual rooms for private parties should you want to have one.

Yet when you pay 42.00 JUST for the entree, you expect it to come hot and cooked to perfection, and what put me over the edge was the blackened polenta which tasted HORRID. I mean, what were they thinking?

However, I will go back again sometime for a special occasion. It is elegant, the waiter staff professional, and the food quite good.

Perhaps I should write both the Emerson and the Canal House and tell them of my experiences. If the owners don't know, then how can they fix things?

Oh, and if you want a bit of that old-world early Americana ambiance for less money (though the food is NOT of the same caliber) the Hoffman House in uptown Kingston is a good place. Plus it is a nice bar to have a drink in.

Tonight I am eating leftovers and am incredibly busy. It is 9:30 and I still have a massive amount of school work to do after working for several hours in the studio. Ah, such is the time of year!



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