Half a Century

It is late morning. I have been doing some research online, sipping on the coffee that Larry has kept refilled and hot on my bedside table. I am moving slowly, taking in the day and relaxing. A few phone calls have trickled in wishing me Happy Birthday. I actually took the time to enjoy talking on the phone and bask in the well wishes.

I have had a hellish week, topped off by starting medication which I am immediately stopping due to adverse reactions. I have not slept in a few days, and feel like I am crawling out of my skin. Instead I am going to the health food store, getting more supplements, and starting a collection of meditational CD's, DVDs, books, and need to take a yoga class that will be easy on my broken body.

After work yesterday a group of my coworkers met me out downtown for some laughter, snacks and drinks. I have a supportive group of friends I love and cherish dearly over the past 16 years. Afterwards, I met a few more friends with their dates for dinner at one of my fave local hangouts, which makes a decent margarita.

Today I am relaxing. Larry tells me I have to be ready to go out at 3, then dinner is at 8. I am not sure what is up, but I am thrilled to have him take the reins and create the day for me. I have spent too much of my life leading others, teaching others, being in the driver's seat.

Perhaps during the next 50 I will sit in the passenger seat, and let others lead ME. I will stop my chatter and listen, repress my constant need to control the world, and instead sit quietly and observe and learn. I have finally learned that the only thing I can control is myself, and let go of the rest.

Off to start the next 50....Patti


Janet said…
Judy Vars said…
You're an amazing woman Happy Birthday Patti :)

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