Black Friday

Larry, Meredith, and I had a lovely dinner together yesterday, and for the first time in a long time I enjoyed cooking for a good part of the day. The dinner was absolutely delectable, and we were blessed with love, friendship, and a wonderful meal.

It was a mellow day, her house a visual treat, filled with items which she has collected from her travels around the world. We listened to world music, looked at art books, sipped on wine and champagne, and chatted. No disasters, no pretense, no stress.

I did not sleep that well on so much food, and was up early this morning. I refused to go out and do much of anything on Black Friday, save for a quick trip to the PO and to a friend's house for an hour or so. Most of the day I spent working in the studio on my orders, listening to music, nice and toasty warm.

Larry took some photos of my studio after he photographed Kip's bowl, which can be seen on my Catskillpaper blog.He was playing around with some flash techniques, so I begged him to photograph some pieces. I will try and upload them but I am having a hard time with my Photoshop freezing it might take a bit. It is here I often escape to, and transform any variety of emotions into art, and surround myself in light...while Black Friday spins out of control around me.


Photo 1: How Green is YOUR Garden; Mixed Media
Photo 2: Ecstasy Girl; Mixed Media
Photo 3: Mixed Media Antique Cabinet Photos
Photo 4: Donated by my long time friend, Julie, an early 1800's American portrait painting. She has taken up residence in my studio, and is one of my muses and protectors.


Anonymous said…
I love reading your blog posts. My most favorite posts are the ones where you go into details about how you and Larry find peace and happiness in between all of the turbulence.

I find myself saying "remember this, this is important!" quite a lot when stopping by your place on the internets.

Joy Logan said…
HI Patti I didn't know you had a blog before today.I sure enjoyed all your fatbook swap pages!

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