The Farmer's Market

I was alone last night, a FRIDAY night and not in a great mood. I just had a massage, was feeling divine, and all it took was one phone call to set me into a state. I was pissed.

So I was sitting home alone, and decided that NO WAY am I sitting home alone on a Friday night. I called Bardet whom I had not seen in a few weeks, and off we went to a "Community party". The party had people that my friend had not seen in ages, PLUS there was a band and she SO loves to dance. Before I knew it, I was alone again, only sitting at a bar. I did see a few people I knew, which was fine, but I found myself in not a terribly social mood.

After a while Larry showed up, and I dragged him to get some food at the tapas bar across the street. We made it through the evening without damage, and went home.Too crabby to write, I went to bed.

Crabby Patti. Alanna reminds me that it is a sandwich on Sponge Bob. Crabby Patti. Humph.

I awoke to a cold day, the first one all fall. Last weekend while I was in Tennessee we had our first killing frost. Amazingly late. Thursday morning I was in shock when I had to scrape frost off my windshield. Today my hands froze during my half hour trip to the Farmer's Market. I under dressed, perhaps still in denial that winter is looming ahead. I am upset that the clocks are being moved back an hour...though that means more light in the morning, it also means it will be getting dark at some ungodly hour. Another humph.

But here, to brighten your day, is my friend Amy, whom I worked with on an educational movie some 5 years ago. Since that time she has married her boyfriend, borne two lovely children, and is the fabulous co-owner of one THE best granola companies around, Platte Clove Naturals. Though they don't have a website yet, they can be reached at The link is to an article about them in the Woodstock Times.

The granola is FAB. I love the Maple Cranberry Granola, complete with a hint of ginger. It is like candy, and often I eat it sans milk or yogurt.

If you live in the Hudson Valley, the article tells you where you can buy the granola once the market closes in two weeks. It is truly a treat..and I am one picky woman when it comes to food. (thanks to my training by a fabulous French cook back in the 70's...)

And if I say it is good, IT ROCKS.

Off to make shrimp and mesclun salad (spell check wants to make it Mescalin, hahahahahaha) and reheat some fresh chicken soup from one of the best places in Bearsville, near Woodstock, Sunfrost Farms. (maybe only in Europe you could get better)

Crabby Patti


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