The Fragility of Life

I am writing quickly as my high school best friend is flying in from California and arriving soon to stay with me for the evening, and possibly for her week long visit here. Her brother is gravely ill with cancer in the hospital, and she needs a place to stay. I welcome her into my home; I have been part of her family for the past 35+ years, and I am honored to be able to give back to her family in whatever way I can.

I visited her brother today. I dreaded it. Memories of watching my father die of cancer, of a dear friend who died in her early 30's from cervical cancer, and more recently, dealing with my own daughter's fight with the disease

Gary was my girlfriend Wendy's older brother, the brother I could legally flirt with. We sat through many holiday meals together, and have kept in touch on and off over the years.

Cancer is cruel, but my other friend reminded me that death is not the end all, rather it is the uniting with the beauty of the spirit that is our creator, in whatever form you believe him/her/it to be. It is a place of peace, of supreme joy.

Though he was not able to do much, Gary rallied and ferociously enjoyed the sushi I bought in from our fave local sushi place, one where we have all dined together in another time......

I wish him and his family peace, and a transition to the next life with dignity and love.

It seems trivial to post these, but tonight's photo are the ornaments that I have been making for a folk art gallery. The chains are not on them yet, but they are mini collages or antique papers that are sandwiched between two microscope slides, sealed with copper foil tape, soldered, and they hang from a chain which is soldered onto the top. They make a great ornament, and hang nicely from a nail, or a cabinet knob, or from a wine bottle. They are two sided and most are made with 100+ year old paper. I had an order of 100...the first 50 have been shipped, and she is picking up the last 50 at my show this weekend. I will be SO glad when BOTH of them are done and over with, so that I can actually enjoy the holiday preparations.

Enjoy every moment, and may you be surrounded by love. Patti


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