They're NOT Rocket Scientists

I have decided that the world for the MOST part, is run by incompetent people. From the top on down, I am constantly amazed at how little those in power have in terms of people skills, intelligence, common sense, and empathy, to run the country, the government, and yes, to run our schools.

Case in hand. Our school is the only one in the area who has to go into work the day before Thanksgiving. Once upon a time we too had off, but over the years it has morphed into our "Superintendent's Conference Day".

I am OK with that. It is part of my job.

But this year they have really hit an all time low.

The day before Thanksgiving, they are doing a "mock hostage or school disaster" where the police, swat teams, etc. will run around with their fake weapons, shooting blanks, screaming in people's faces, and generally acting like boys playing war games. And we, the teachers and staff, are the victims.

Perhaps such drills are necessary, but I am tired of being bombarded with living in fear of terrorism and other such disasters, when indeed we should be living in fear of what we are doing to our planet and to our fellow man. The school system feeds into this and we have to experience this THE DAY OR PERHAPS HOURS BEFORE WE TRAVEL OR PICK UP OUR FAMILY MEMBERS.

So to all your intelligentsia who came up with this grand plan, may your turkey be overcooked, dry, and you deserve to fall asleep face down in your mashed potatoes.

Tomorrow I will have a more in-depth report of this brainstorm. Perhaps I will have egg on my face, but somehow I doubt it.



Judy Vars said…
Oh please say it's not so...that sounds tramatic, please tell us how it goes. An army recruiter called at dinner time tonight and asked for my son, husband said why are you calling a 17 year old boy? His answer, I don't know.....
We live is a crazy upside down world.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
Pat Williamson said…
I agree with you Patti. I was one of the "hostages". While I knew this was a staged performance, I did not want to spend Superintendent's Conference Day being screamed at and the subject of extremely foul language. It was not much different than a regular school day except it was condensed and the "intruders" had "weapons". It WAS abusive to have to listen to the high pitch noice of the fire alarm while the screaming of the instruders continued. I did feel as though I was being abused.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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