The Joy of my Lap (top)

It is Monday night, and I am alone. Larry is teaching, and I relish these nights when I come home and the only responsibility I have is to feed the cats and myself. After Larry leaves, I decide to work for a few hours in the studio while the light is still good.

My favorite and most productive time is when there is still light. I have a large picture window that faces the west. I get lovely late afternoon light, and if I am lucky, a Hudson Valley sunset to muse upon. My studio is 1/2 of our 2 car garage, has a hip roof, windows on three sides, an excellent efficient gas heater, A/C, gallery style off-white walls, and tons of ephemera and paint to keep me in art for a very long time.

Larry has left me soup in the fridge, but since I am free I call up a friend to meet for a glass of wine and some sushi at my fave place, Kyoto in Kingston. We have a great time, and I come home about 9, and decide that I am going to give myself a treat: blog in bed, and then watch another Episode of Rome via Netflix on my laptop.

I carefully carry my laptop in its indestructible $300.00 Tumi case (how I got the Tumi laptop case is story...), climb under the covers, snuggle down into my 3,000.00 mattress (and that is for yet ANOTHER story), turn on my heating pad,(with no one in bed, I need SOMETHING for warmth) I get ready to write. Oh, but wait, the husband borrowed my laptop the other day and failed to put the power cord back in the bag. Downstairs to hunt for that.

Back in bed, I turn on the computer. Oops, husband never turned it off properly, and the laptop beeps, screams, whines, and briefly has a nervous break down before it settles in for the evening. I have to change the router settings, seems he was tapping off a neighbor's weak signal which he did not know, and the stupid virus program kicks in and freaks out the computer for another few moments.

Finally, all is ready, and I am blogging away.

I have not tried watching a video on my laptop, so this will be my first trial.
Off to Rome, and I will let you know how the trip went.

Reporting live from the best of places,
Patti o laptop


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