Caaaaaat Woman

This Halloween I rather innocently dressed as Cat Woman for school. I had bought some ears (which were too fuzzy for Cat Woman), pulled out my leather pants, donned a long sleeved black shirt, and put on a metal studded belt. Oh, and I wore high heeled boots, which I should have NEVER worn with my back in so much pain.

Ok, so I don't really look like Julie Newmar of 60-70's Cat Woman fame, but with a little tweaking, I could. But not in public school.

I also had a black eye mask, but it drove me nuts, so I spent the day without it.

Pictures courtesy of my students who had a blast taking photos. We had some really good costumes in school this year, and I printed 8 x 10's of them along the wall outside my art room.

It was fun to be a kid again, dressing up, and even wearing my costume into the store.

And thanks Judy for reminding me that at ALMOST 50, I can still get my freak on.

Patti-O-Freak 2007


Janet said…
You look FABULOUS!!

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