Quick Check In

I am sooo busy that I have not had any time to write, or do much of anything else.Thankfully Larry made most of tonight's dinner, otherwise I would have gone without. Having a guest in the house also forces us to be more civilized and take time out to nourish our bodies.

I am almost done with my ornament order. I still have lots of odds and ends to finish up for the show, and only three nights left to do it. My student worker is coming over for a few hours tomorrow, so she will help with some of the things. I am trying to not take a day off until after the show so that I can relax rather than work. It I take a day off this week, all I will do is work my day away.

I keep saying, "it is what it is" and be grateful for the order that I have rather than perseverate about what I don't have for the possible sales that I will or will not have at the show. Over the years I get better at not being so stressed out about it.

I will check back in tomorrow with hopefully something more interesting than a drone about work. My life is so dull......and even the endless chatter in my mind and in my heart has been suspended for a bit, my thoughts hanging like half finished webs.



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