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Here is LINK to the recent newspaper article about my daughter Megan. She was one of four veterans interviewed in an article about veterans who have returned from the war in Iraq. Some of you read the Meganaid blog on occasion, some of you may have never been there. I started the blog when my 23 year old Iraq veteran daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year.

Though Megan is currently in remission, she is still undergoing visits to the doctor for a number of ailments. No 23 year old should have so many problems, but she does. We are both strong women, but it pains me to hear her tell me how tired she is of doctors and tests.

There is nothing I can do but be a good shoulder to cry on, ears to listen, and someone to echo her laughter. We talk nearly every day, something we never did before she was diagnosed. We have become very close...again, out of what appears to be bad, has come many wonderful things.

I am glad that the veterans and soldiers are starting to openly talk out against this war. I know several years ago Megan was not as open as she is now. Perhaps the political climate has enabled her to be more truthful and honest about things that she was previously scared to talk about.

She is however, finally getting Veteran's disability....though it doesn't heal her broken body or mind, it will help her try to build a life.

The photo for the article was taken when I was there several weeks ago. The girls were dancing, and I was taking pics. Tonight's photo was taken by Larry when Megan was pregnant with Alanna, just after she was home from the military base in Germany; two months before Alanna's birth the Army allowed her to come home.

Off to finish up more work. I am working away so that I can play some with Larry this weekend as it is HIS birthday. The nice thing about having birthdays a week apart is we do get to party and play for a good 10 days........and we love every moment of it.



Judy Vars said…
Your Megan is such a beauty, such a strong woman and yet still so young. She is blessed and so are you.

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