What My Brain Looks Like These Days

After not sleeping much since Thursday!! I could not even blog last night. My biochemicals are out of control, not helped by a bad drug reaction, now hormones, and by 9:30 I was wiped. Of course I fell asleep, (I always do..) and slept for several hours before I was wide awake.

The past few night's bonus was night sweats to boot, and Larry uses me as a heater when he is cold, and then has to scoot away when I become a furnace.

I can't wait until this phase is over. I feel like the walking dead. I look OK however, and no one would know how burnt I am.

Today grades are due, I have Jess coming over to work, and there is a movie at the local arts society that Larry wants to see.

Off to begin the day.......till later, Patti
PS photo Larry took in my friend's barn of a light for this past New Year's blog. I thought it apropos again!


tangled stitch said…
Once again, I can relate. Hopefully things will get much better for both of us soon!

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