Happy Thanksgiving?????

I had just written this entire blog, and it got lost in space. GRRRR. I guess it is a practice in saying what I had to say in less words.

I got this photo forwarded by a friend. Normally I don't "capture" images from the Internet, but on forwards I figure it is part of the forward. I cannot give credit to the photographer, as there was no info to do so.

I love the images of animals..animals love unconditionally, they kill only what they need to eat, and they don't abuse their young, and they usually don't shit where they eat or sleep. Something that humans need to learn.

Yesterdays drill was pretty much as I expected. Lots of noise, cops in riot gear pointing big guns, and some of us even got screamed at with obscenities.

Just another example of using fear as a control factor.

After some research on the Internet, (and you can do your own) I discovered that there is a very very small percentage of violence that ends in death in schools per year, as compared to the number of deaths that occur PER HOUR by parents killing their own children, or in other domestic abuse events that end in death.

There have been shootings in our local mall, in Post Offices, banks, other places of employment. I heard it took 9 hours to evacuate our local mall when a gunman was on the loose. Yet should every public place put its employees and customers though simulating drills such as we went through, or should be we looking at the underlying factors as to WHY we have such a violent youth?

Speaking of personal experience I have seen the failure of school systems to control bullying, of family court systems failing to protect children from their parents and from themselves, the failure of this country to control the ease of which people can obtain firearms, the promotion of movies and games by corporate America which promote mass violence. I could go on, but you get the point.

So, instead of the police telling us to get out head out of the sand, it will happen here, we need to figure out how to prevent violence, and what changes we have to make in order to accomplish this. And I am a believe in "The Law of Attraction", that you attract what you put out there. Enough said.

I was awoken at 3 AM by a car speeding by, and smashing into all my bags of leaves, and garbage cans of yard waste that our incompetent city has yet to pick up in the past two weeks. My cans are dented beyond repair, the leaves strewn, my walk dug up. I don't know how the missed hitting the ancient maple only a few feet beyond.Undoubtedly a drunk joy ride. Do you know that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year? It took me a long time to get back to sleep.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, I will surround myself with love, with the friendship of like-minded people, and keep making art and look at my cup as half full and getting fuller, and do my part to be green and take care of the many gifts the universe bequests me.



Mat said…
He, he, dog is as like Sitting Bull, cat from pages ,,Alice in the Wonderland" :)))

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